Monday, 19 December 2011

Some more stylish staircases

The simplicity of monochromatic. Love the light!

I was trying to find the staircase from the US TV show Brothers and Sisters. I love that particular one with the curved wall and family photos on the wall. This is a smaller version of the one I was trying to find and the colours etc are not my own taste but I love the round table and the curved staircase.

This is more modern but has lovely soft furnishings to soften the room. I adore the rug on the stairs (again blue and white). A lovely touch is the sitting area on the landing of the staircases. 

My boy turns 9 today. We have a lot planned. Hope he loves his day and enjoys sharing it with friends and family. He was most excited to get the new Mario 7 3DS game and the new Mario London Olympics Wii game. He also got a beautiful guitar and shoes (if they arrive). He woke this morning with a big smile on his face. He still has chubby cheeks!


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  1. Happy New Year GJ & I hope your son had a wonderful ninth birthday. Santa brought the kids Mario London Olympics Wii for Xmas. It's on top of the play list. Hope you had a great Xmas. KP.