Thursday, 15 December 2011

Seeking Inspiration for your Christmas Table?

Photo courtesy of raindropsnroses blog and

Looking for inspiration for your Christmas table? Here are some lovely settings that are stylish and elegant. The colours may not be traditional but you may be able to grab a little detail from the photo and turn it into your own.

A couple of years ago I used white paper lanterns in different sizes which I hung from the ceiling with little 3M holders/stickers. It looked lovely hanging low above the table. This year I am going to bring them out again and hang them at the beach. I was going to dangle them from the ceiling but if the weather is good we may sit outside and I could use the lanterns like in the photo above.

I also use enormous amounts of  holly (our local florist Stem can get me huge amounts) and red candles (from Ikea) of varying sizes to run down the centre of the table. 

This has a similar effect to the white Chinese lanterns that I use

How is the shopping going? I did a lot on the Internet yesterday but I have grave concerns that the website I ordered my sons shoes on may be dodgy. Does anyone know how you check that it is legitimate? I paid then got an email from a hotmail account asking me to pay again. Should I be worried?

We are going to look at the Christmas lights tonight so the little ones are very excited.


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